Employment Lawyers

Economics and competition have created a nightmare for many faithful employees. There are issues of outsourcing, downsizing, incompatibility with new supervisors and even company politics which can bring a successful and faithful career to an abrupt and unfair end.

When a company involves itself in a wrongful termination, then the employee is deserving of appropriate compensation. Before accepting any severance or signing any agreement you would be wise to contact McHugh Whitmore LLP to arrange a meeting with one of our employment lawyers.

On the other side, employers often are faced with employees who simply are not performing and perhaps no longer suited for their position in your organization. Making any moves without legal advice could be very costly to the employer. We have advised and represented corporations, businesses and organizations in the area of employment law.

When it comes to your livelihood as an employer or an employee, be sure that you have the best advice possible and you'll find it here at McHugh Whitmore LLP.

What we do

  • Discipline and Termination
  • Wrongful and constructive dismissal
  • Contracts
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment and Human Rights
  • Human Resource issues
  • Disabilities in the workplace
  • Long and Short Term Disability Issues

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