Construction Liens

Construction Liens are claims against property used by contractors and suppliers in the area of construction, repairs or alterations of buildings. The Construction Lien process is necessary, because in this area of business, it is impossible to take back work and materials that have been delivered or used in the process. Registering a lien prevents the owner from mortgaging or selling the property without dealing with the lien claimant. Often simply registering the lien will prompt payment.

There are many laws affecting construction liens, and these are ever changing. We know the law and we will help you get results.

What we do

  • Determine if the Claim for Lien is valid and in time
  • Look at the amount owed to contractors and subcontractors
  • Holdback obligations (amount and compliance)
  • Your recourse
  • Your priorities over any mortgage
  • Represent all of your rights and needs in this process

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