Commercial Litigation Lawyers

When the word "litigation" is used, the first thing that people think of is court rooms, lawyers and expense. At McHugh Whitmore LLP, we are skilled litigators, but more importantly we are skilled negotiators. No one wants to go to court, and many times through the services of a good negotiator, court can be avoided and costs contained.

Commercial litigation disputes include a wide range of matters ranging from the collection of unpaid accounts to the enforcement of security, shareholder and partnership disputes, injunctions and all matters of other commercial and business problems.

Sometimes it takes a court decision to resolve such matters. Frequently, however, they can be addressed through the use of mediation, negotiation and common sense. At McHugh Whitmore LLP we are prepared and ready to consider and apply all of the options available with the goal of resolving any given controversy as quickly, as favourably, and as economically as is reasonable.

What we do

  • We will attempt to resolve your disputes creatively and in a timely manner
  • Our firm has competent and strong litigation lawyers and professionals who are at your service
  • We will bring all of our wisdom and expertise to the table with you
  • We treat each case as unique and will tailor your case accordingly
  • We will advise you with regard to your chances for success

Lawyers in this Practice