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There are many unfortunate breakdowns of marriage which cause the parties involved a great amount of emotional pain. The issues are huge: child support, spousal support, custody, access, separation, divorce proceedings, equalization payments, cohabitation and other issues that are addressed by the Ontario Family Law Act. At McHugh Whitmore LLP we love to practice a conciliatory form of Family Law which is known as Collaborative Family Law.

This is a really good way of helping people to go their own ways. Sometimes it doesn't work and things become adversarial. In those cases, we are right there for our clients. You won’t find better advice or representation than you will from our Family Law lawyers and professionals. If your marriage is in trouble, call us. You need the best advice possible before you make any decisions or any moves. You will then be able to move ahead clearly, positively and with the confidence that your rights (and if you have them – those of your children) are protected to the full extent of the law.

Collaborative Family Law

Although divorce is not in the vocabulary of many couples, it is an unfortunate reality in some cases. Even more unfortunate is the fact that proceedings which make a divorce happen are most often adversarial and ultimately very painful. It is a process which encourages winners and losers – and yet no one really feels victorious. In some cases, it is the only way. However, at McHugh Whitmore LLP we practice a type of family law which is collaborative in nature, and helps everyone to win – even when a relationship breaks down.

With the help of our skilled legal professionals, in face to face meetings, collaborative family law helps the couple to make decisions about their respective lives and the lives of their children without going to court. In this case, a written agreement is made and the lawyers for both parties agree not to go to court but work in a collaborative manner with their clients to reach an agreement. The process is not about taking sides, or winning a case, but rather about helping people to agree knowing that the agreement is fair.

By signing the participation collaborative agreement, the lawyers commit fully to resolving all issues within the collaborative process. In the unlikely event that all issues are not resolved the collaborative lawyers cannot acct for the clients in a further adversarial proceeding.

At McHugh Whitmore LLP we highly recommend this process as it is more respectful and dignified. It avoids costly court fees and at the same time creates solid and enduring agreements.

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